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like the La Liga last

Spanish national team World Cup team out, and can not deny the dominance of Spanish football in recent years in Europe, like the La Liga last season's Champions League final to become the Madrid derby, the 2014-15 season's European Super Cup evolved into "Spanish Civil War "is the best proof. This  behind the uprooting, was booked, a lot of kick on the left crossing the ball closed, Mascherano Zia nodded the ball over the penalty. The first 18 minutes,


Rooney 22 meters away from the door at the left side of the arc and turned the ball over. The first 41 minutes, Mata ball, knock Valencia on the right, 21   nike free run 2 salemeters in front of Mata left foot volley wide of the near post. 3 Mata Road which is Gonzalez return after a lapse of 11 months later, once again won the top 60 players in the world, the last time he beat the world's 60 but also goes back to the 2013 US August, when he was in the first round beat the world's first 14 Jan Rabinowitz. Of course, if Falcao, these are the need to balance issues Ancelotti,


Florentino not care team formations. It is reported that Real Madrid president now wanted to do introduce Falcao. Spain "Aspen" emphatic, claiming that Real Madrid has to find out the details of the transaction  nike air yeezy 2 saleFalcao: the summer to pay the rental fee plus a salary total of 12.5 million euros, and then pay the transfer fee of 33 million euros at the end of the season before. Real Madrid players arm wrapped around crape, a moment of silence before the game for Di Stefano. The opening is only 3 minutes

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