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Spain 1842 4 Maravedis

After the discovery of America, copper maravedís, along with silver reales, were the first coins struck in Spain for the purpose of circulation in the New World colonies. These coins, minted with a special design for specific use of the Americas, were first coined in Seville in 1505 for shipment to the colonial island of Hispaniola the following year, thus giving these coins their distinction as the first coins for the New World. By 1531 these coins were still being minted, by now in both Seville and Burgos, and subsequent shipments have been confirmed to other areas such as: Mexico, Panama and Puerto Rico. These maravedís were used as Spanish Colonial change for smaller transactions and after mints were later established in the New WorldThe coin features Queen ISABELLA II

Spain 1842 4 Maravedis
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