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Throat Mic for Motorola 2.5 plug 2 way radios

Perfect for hard core skiing, paintball etc.

This is compatible with most Motorola Talkabout T – series two way radios. It comes with a throat mic, ear piece, separately wired PTT button and Motorola compatible 2.5mm plug.

This little gadget is lightweight, and would really be a plus in covert ops. The wires are thin, the audio tube and ear piece are almost inconspicuous and the PTT (Push To Talk) which is separately wired has a Velcro attachment that can be secured on your index finger for easy and covert radio communication. I find this difficult to use with my gloves on and sometimes I push the button by accident as I am doing my maneuvers.

The ear piece is made of soft silicon material and works well in reducing outside noise--- the downside is you would feel deaf in one ear. In the skirmish scenario, I find it difficult listening for enemy movements. It's like the sound comes in mono! It gets a little bit disorientating at first, but like most things- you would get used to it in due time. The Throat Vibration Mic works very well. Even mere whispers can be transmitted clearly, excellent in stealth maneuvers.

Throat Mic for Motorola 2.5 plug 2 way radios
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