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Why Are Incoming Calls Not Working On My MagicJack?

No doubt technology proves of great use but it comes with loopholes and possibilities of failure. You essentially need to know that issues caused might be common, mediocre or big. For the same, solutions may also take longer time to bring you back on the track. Magicjack subscribers never need to worry on any ground if incoming calls are causing some kinds of problems to make life uncomfortable on certain ground. Talk to the Magicjack Customer Care with immediate effect to restore the proper functionality of your gadget. This exercise is sure to make you a proud beneficiary therefore long time thinking is not supposed to come in-between. Their efficacy and professionalism work ideally for IP address issues, proper installation/activation and much more. Try below mentioned exercise once. It will certainly help as per the expectations:


Step1: Select IP address for proper usage of MagicJack

Manage IP address for MagicJack. It can be done easily by typing cmd in search box. Try start > run > cmd if using older version of Windows. IP address in the computer is much like Provide new address with the different last digit like Remain more careful if you have multiple devices.

Step2: Configure router for reserved IP address

  • Sign on to router.
  • However, “admin” is default MagicJack admin username.  It can be changed easily with new username. 

Step3:  Reserve IP

  • Select setup network or DHCP
  • Find section Add DHCP reservation`
  • Select IP identified in step 2
  • Allocate name (if needed)
  • Click Save

Step4: Set port forwarding

  • Select Port forwarding
  • Provide appropriate value
  • Name your MagicJack
  • Use IP address
  • Apply Settings

Step 5: Set MJ to use static IP address

  • Visit
  • Click “My Subscriptions”
  • Enter IP address
  • Retest incoming calls

Their proficiency is available for nearly every major/minor fault. Every executive of Magicjack Customer Service Number is dedicated to resolve the issues on the same call so you can expect of fetching the ideal solutions in a highly comfortable manner that too without leaving the workstation empty for a single moment or compromise on homely luxury. Even toll-free number is not hard to arrange. For better experience, you can easily depend upon internet. This online convenience always respects your golden time thus never take much time to display the effective results over few flicks of mouse.

Immediate Services With Uniform Standards Are Available For All

Old age people certainly like this wonderful facility of Magicjack Customer Service as they find it very helpful to relax more and keep physical efforts at bay. Besides, they immediately find it possible to receive the calls of distant dears and relatives over the same gadget. Above mentioned exercise always remain the same for everybody. None of the callers will ever find any kind of glitch during the service period. Administration and management always do the positive changes for the benefits of subscribers. This policy of consistent improvement ensures that magicjack subscribers always remain at the receiving-end of getting huge benefits every time they call the representatives.

List Of Benefits Keeps Increasing With The Course Of Time

Story of benefits does not end here as timely notification about updates, free of cost guidelines and instructions are also on the list. There are more advantages to count but scarcity of space does not allow doing so. However, it is certain that calling over toll-free number will never leave you devoid of the expected results. You will apparently experience the best of world-class assistance while saving a big amount of money against paying a single penny for the conversation. Aforementioned description makes it quite clear that any alternative approach regarding this issue might cause huge troubles to compromise on significant terms.  

Always prove sanity of mind by clearing everything in the initial stage so that none of the confusions or doubts is ever compelling to reconcile on significant terms. This approach is definite to favor your side and keep interests intact. Millions of people till date have successfully reaped the benefits of this convenience so do not get over conscious about the safety & security. Timely call will apparently exemplify the best of your decision making capability:

None of the subscribers’ call at Magicjack Customer Support ever goes unattended. Skilled staff members always crave to resolve more and more queries. Call now to witness the best epitome of their customer dedicated professionalism.

Magicjack customer service number | | Magicjack customer service phone
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