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calltel CT-800 headset

CT-800 Product Support
CALLTEL CT-800 headset and telephone is specially designed for call centers and busy office so that you can free both hands to carry out computer operation or other activity

1.It has super clear voice communication and the microphone is noise-proof.

2.It can be received automatically or manually, eliminating the noise calling-ring sound by sending the ringing signal into the headphone.

3.Soft dialing tone gives you no hoarse experience and is also applicable for the business with various calling.

4. Headset volume can be adjusted.

5.It provides mute, re-dial and switching subset (FLASH 100/600 adjustable) keys as well as playing music key for waiting person.

6.The wire telephone is dedicate and quite applicable for the position with narrow worktable.

7.The speaking tube can rotate by 300 degrees and can be worn on left or right ears.

8.The installation is convenient and requires no power source.

9.Only plugging the telephone line into this machine, you can immediately carry out the contacting work.

10.It is equipped with a practical earphone support bracket.



calltel CT-800 headset
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