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Bayi team-high 25


the Dragons rewrite the record of 14 wins and 14 losses, winning for the first time this season to reach 50%, from the door to the playoffs is a step closer. Wang won the  air max 90 vt ukBayi team-high 25 points, and also contributed seven rebounds, 4 assists, 4 Dragons scored in double figures, foreign aid Haisilipu boomed again, got 38 points, seven rebounds and three blocked shots . Most in need of reinforcement in the guard position

"The market" citing news that the French side, AC Milan eyeing played in Ligue young left-back Walter Samuel - Umm al-Titi. As early as last year, with the name Umm Titi's linked with AC Milan, then 19-year-old Frenchman worth has reached 500 million   air max 95 em uk euros. Umm Titi height 180 cm, is a defensive star debut in Lyon club. French media reports said, AC Milan scouts in France has focused recently observed Umm Titi performance further contact will commence thereafter. Lyon players with the contract will end in 2017. Champions League is really still rely on Kaka, Seedorf is well aware of this. In the last round of league Kaka will get a holiday, Brazilians go all out to prepare for the Champions League, he did not disappoint, Kaka in the 27th minute with a good use of their own and headed home to make the team again see hope, After the goal, pointing AC Milan Kaka heavy team logo, this place seemed to say: "I am AC Milan

Not the people of Madrid! "Before, Kaka had Real Madrid have had a pleasant experience is not how, but his heart is always love AC Milan. Moreover

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