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Bees Wax Candles - Beautiful Christmas Gifts - Custom Orders

Very beautiful glitter decorated tapper candles. 100 % bees wax, hand rolled
Can be ordered at any time - colors upon request: spring, summer, fall and winter season. Sizes upon request. Please contact for info.

If you love candles and the intimacy and relaxing enviroment that they offer, considering the environment, the air you breath and the natural scent of what the bees wax offers.

9" tappers @ $7.00 a pair
3 for $20

These candles make beautiful gifts for any occasion, birthdays, valentine, Christmas, Thanksgiving, summer gathering, gifts for teachers, caregivers, you name it! Colors available upon request, and by season.

Candles are beautifully wrapped, with white ribbon, square little card.

Contact for more info, inquiries, colors options.

Thank you!

Did You Know??? facts about bees wax:

1 Burning time is around 3 hr.
2. Bees wax candles burn cleanly, with little or no wax dripping down the sides and no smoke.. Wick needs to be cut 4 milimetre short before burning.
3. A beeswax candle flame has a "warmer," more yellow color than that of paraffin candles.
4. Burning beeswax produces negative ions that circulate in the room and attract pollutants, in much the same way that a magnet attracts iron fillings. Dust, odours, moulds, bacteria, viruses, and other toxins are captured and neutralized.
5. Beeswax actually cleans your air. :) However, you still have to vacuum your house.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Burn on a flat surface. Consider placing on a candle plate in case of drips.


Bees Wax Candles - Beautiful Christmas Gifts - Custom OrdersBees Wax Candles - Beautiful Christmas Gifts - Custom OrdersBees Wax Candles - Beautiful Christmas Gifts - Custom Orders
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