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Fs: Solar travel mobile power


Option 1,
By using electricity (AC100V-240V) or computer USB to the built-in lithium battery for recharging, can see light green, while light off means fully charged, about 5.5 hours for total.

Option 2,
Place the solar charger under the sun, can do the internal built-in battery charging, the green light means charging on, about 18 hours can be full.

The solar charger is a photoelectric conversion device which can converte light into electricity, the principle of P-2600 solar charger is: convert light energy into electrical energy by using the photoelectric conversion panels and stored in the built-in capacity of 2600mA / h lithium battery,and then connect the built-in lithium battery to Iphone, mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3,, MP4 and digital products by a control circuit, also can approve the mains (AC100V-240V) recharging when long time without sunshine, much popular for the standby power for travel, tourism, long-distance travel.

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Fs: Solar travel mobile powerFs: Solar travel mobile powerFs: Solar travel mobile powerFs: Solar travel mobile power
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