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Platinum Whites Home Teeth-Whitening Kit ($169.99 Value)

Platinum Whites’s smile engineers package the same professional whitening solutions used in dental offices into affordable at-home kits. Each kit uses heat-molded trays and water-based gels containing 30% carbamide peroxide to brighten smiles without overdrying teeth or harming sensitive nerves. Gels arrive in an easy-to-use pen applicator, which helps to reduce waste and minimize contact with gums or wax-lip collections.

At-Home Teeth-Whitening Kit

  • One applicator pen
  • 11 applications of 30% carbamide peroxide, made fresh with each order
  • Three thermoform mouth trays that mold to teeth
  • Instructions book.
Platinum Whites Home Teeth-Whitening Kit ($169.99 Value)
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