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Single Shoulder Brace Support Magnetic Wrap Neoprene

NAME: Single Shoulder Brace Support Magnetic Wrap Neoprene


Model: AFT-H007

Color: black

Main material:

Imported high elastic fiber cloth, tourmaline cloth, and permanent life magnetic stone


Brief introduction´╝Ü

Adopt imported high elastic fiber cloth, soft and comfortable cloth, high elastic, breathable , comfortable; natural crystal stone( tourmaline and magnetic stone) embedded in it.

Tourmaline could stimulate key acupoint of shoulder, promote the shoulder blood circulation, promote the subrounding tissue and organ of shoulder, it has physiotherapy and auxiliary therapy towards  pain of shoulder and subrounding.eight permanent magnetic stone are distributed two flanks of the shoulder and cervical vertebra parts. It could disintegrate into many micro-mineral element like silicon, boron, magnesium and ferrum which benefit human body. through stimulating shoulder acupoint, it plays magnetic therapy dredges meridians and activate cell. After wearing, it has apparent effect towards relieving shoulder fatigue, preventing and curing shoulder sprain, mitigating shoulder pain and other discomfort.



1) high elastic imported lining, delicate texture, soft, elastic, light and comfortable when wearing;

peculiar skin closed lining and nimble design, putting on cloth and elbow activity could not be influenced when wearing. You can wear at any time whatever during working, rest and recreation activity.

2) quickly releasing shoulder fatigue and pressure, relieving pain, it has nice healthcare and therapy effect and could prevent and cure illness of the shoulder.

3) it conform with human mechanical theory and has peculiar bandage whic distribute pressure nice.

4) it could accelerate recovery of  hurt parts of shoulder and continue to work normally.



1)group who suffer with various shoulder joint inflammation and shoulder discomfort.

2)old man who is sensitive to the change between cold and warm.

3)people who like sport and have daily exercise

4)people who always work and study in front of the computer.

5)people who care more about beautiful and fashionable.



1. when you wet the tourmaline cloth of the brace, it will perform well.

2. fixing the tourmaline cloth close to the necessary position of the shoulder.

3. making suitable adjustment, tie the Velcro. Normally, after 15-30 minutes, you could feel the apparent thermal and acupunctual effect.


Maintenance instruction:

1) Please situate it in the dry and ventilated place. Be care of moisture.

2) don’t place it in the sunshine.

3) please keep it tidy when using it.

4) make the magnetic products ( like bank card, cellphone) far away from it to prevent being magnetized.

5) don’t soak it in to the water for a long time. You can rub slightly it on the Flannelette and functional surface with clean water.

6) Avoid Ironing.

Please be cautious to use for the below group:

1. Acute trauma patient, we suggest use it in 48 hours.

2. Please cease to use it for the people who catch cold

3. Please use it under the instruction of doctors for the patients who have heart peacemaker installed and who have sensitive constitution.

4. Pregnant women and children are all unsuitable


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Single Shoulder Brace Support Magnetic Wrap NeopreneSingle Shoulder Brace Support Magnetic Wrap Neoprene
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