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Far Infrared Therapy Elbow Band, Elbow Pad Wrap Band

Name: Far Infrared Therapy Elbow Band, Elbow Pad Wrap Band


Model number: AFT-H003

Color: black, beige, blue

Size: universal (length 38cm (unfold) and length 15cm (fold) width 18cm)


1. the products size is handmade measurement. there may be 1-2cm inaccuracy

2. if you have special requirement, we can do as your comment!

3. hook and loop adjustable

Main materials:

imported high elastic fibre cloth, tourmaline cloth, permanent life magnetic stone

Brief introduction:

with imported high-elastic fabric,  super-elastic, good permeability, soft and comfortable, with natural crystal stone inside--tourmaline and permanent magnet. tourmaline can release far infrared and negative ions. They can penetrate the skin deeply and play the function: active the cells activity, make the metabolism more vigorous, improv the elbow blood circulation Improve surrounding tissues and organs function.4 pieces magnets close to the elbow acupuncture key point, self out of silicon, boron,magnesium, iron etc of various kinds of trace minerals elements. Play magnetic effect, active body's acupuncture points. dredge the meridians, active celles.after wearing, it will play a significant effect on elbow pain and fatigue,prevention and treatment of elbow sprain, relief elbow pain and other discomfort.


1.imported high-quality fabric cloth, fine texture, soft, super elastic, good permeability, you will feel light and comfortable.

2. accelerate the healing elbow injury, reduce pain, make the discomfort get enough rest and also have the effectiveness of disinfection.

3. unique design close to skin, it will not affect the normal activities of the elbow.

4. tis product is a protector, It can protect the elbow damage.


1.people who suffer from various kinds of elbow joint inflammation or discomfort

2.people whose elbow vulnerable to injury, such as people who like do sports and who have large much daily exercise.

3.people who are more sensitive to hot and cold change especially the elderly people.

4.people whose physical deficiency and need daily warm( elder people, physical weakness groups)

5.people who pusuit of sport fashon.


1. wipe the tourmaline functional cloth wet.

2. make the tourmaline functional cloth Close to the body. Fix to the elbow position need physical therapy.

3. appropriately adjust the tightness, snap the Velcro, generally 15-30 minutes later, you can clearly feel a sense of thermal and acupuncture.

Maintenance instruction:

1. place in a dry and ventilated place, avoid moisture.

2. should not be in the sun, it is recommended every 2 hours.

3. when uses, please keep clean.

4. do not place magnetic products ( for exampl: bank cards, mobile phones etc) close to the products to prevent magnetization.

  1. 5.  banned for a long time soak. gently scrub with flannel fabric.  the function cloth can be wiping gently.

6. avoid ironing.


Please be cautious to use for the below group

1. The high fever and spot skin damage to be forbid.

2. Please follow the doctor's advices if you have bleeding tendency, sensory disabilities on the outside temperature even some individual allergic people.

3. Acute soft tissue damage, please use it 24 hours later.

4. Acute severe heart, brain, kidney dysfunction, and those with pacemakers people, please use with caution and under the doctor's guidance.

5. Acute trauma, please use after 48 hours.

6. The pregnant woman and the child are forbidden.

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Far Infrared Therapy Elbow Band, Elbow Pad Wrap BandFar Infrared Therapy Elbow Band, Elbow Pad Wrap BandFar Infrared Therapy Elbow Band, Elbow Pad Wrap BandFar Infrared Therapy Elbow Band, Elbow Pad Wrap Band
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